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Founded in 2012, Bridge The Gap Charitable Trust was initiated from the Tibetan benefit fund to widen the scope of our activity beyond Tibet to disadvantaged communities in India and Ethiopia.

Sedhar left Tibet as an orphan refugee when she was five years old because of the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959 and arrived in Nepal. Like many Tibetans, when all their possessions were sold, Sedhar had to beg in Nepal. From Nepal she was carried in a truck to India and was put into Tibetan Children’s Village school in Dharamsala for 2 years. Along with 4 other orphans, Sedhar was accepted in Dr Graham’s Homes to get her formal education. Later in life, after graduating in nursing and drama in Scotland she visited a Tibetan settlement in India that was burnt down. Witnessing the plight of the people affected by the fire she was touched by their humble and dignified request for help. This motivated her to begin fundraising for such communities, which led to her setting up the Tibetan Benefit Fund to help refugees in India and subsequently the Nomadic community in Tibet. Mobilising aid into Tibet has been difficult and the charity  widened its scope in 2012 to become the Bridge the Gap  Charitable Trust.

Can we move mountains to help disadvantaged people who share our planet? Bridge The gap believes 'Yes we can'

Our Mission

Our Mission

To aid those who have been obstructed from leading decent lives, enabling people and communities to become self sufficient.


Our Vision

Continuing with fundraising and targeted projects to reach and support a growing number of beneficiaries. 

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