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Renovation of Woodburn Cottage

Woodburn Cottage was the first Cottage constructed for Dr grahams school. Built in 1901 it was named after Sir John Woodburn who was the Governor of Bengal at the time. Sir Woodburn along with various other sponsors banded together to help create Dr Graham's vision for a school which enabled poor and deprived Eurasian and European kids to live a life of dignity.

Since 1961, Tibetan refugee and Bhutanese kids began to be admitted in the school and institutions. Sedhar was one of these children and grew up in Woodburn Cottage. When alumni's who previously lived in Woodburn Cottage heard about it had falling into disrepair, money was raised and a team put together to renovate it for future generations. Bridge The Gap Charitable Trust played a major part in raising the money needed.

A video covering these renovations is below.

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