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Caring for Dharamsala slum dwellers -2012

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Aiding and educating the slum dwellers of the Charad Khad community in Dharamshala.

In 2012 a project to help the slum dwellers of Charan Khad community in Dharamshala was initiated.

The project aim was to help migrant children from Rajasthan, Gujrat, and Maharashtra who had escaped the caste system to take refuge within a caste-free Tibetan community.

The slum people were helped with winter clothes and shoes. They were given basic hygiene training and self-care tools to prevent disease and death toll.

Bridge-the-gap took birth during this project, widening the horizon of the initial scope of the charity Tibetan Benefit Fund.

We also worked with the charity school Tong-Len founded by a Tibetan monk Jamyang to educate the slum children from Charan Khad as well as provide them with clothes, shoes and games.

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